IMCD Lighting

115 W. 30th St.

Suite 702

New York, NY 10001

tel  646.415.7588

fax 646.202.9342


IMCD Is always on the lookout for the very best stage electricians in the industry.  All electricians are hired on an overhire, per-job basis, usually through our head electricians.  We hire both union and non-union electricians, depending on the needs of the job. 

If you are interested in working with us as an electrician, or as a programmer, please send a resume, references, union status, and current contact information to John Harmon.



IMCD hires assistant production managers to coordinate our many needs during fashion week. 

If you are interested in working with us in this capacity, please send a resume, references, and current contact information to Abbe Lucas.



IMCD hires additional designers as needed, usually twice a year to accomodate the Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer RTW NYC Fashion week.  We are looking for detail oriented lighting designers with excellent drafting and communication skills that can work well as a part of our team.  We are a USA 829 design house, and as such all of our designers must be a member or join within 3 months of first employment.  If you are interested in designing with us, please send a resume listing references as well as Vectorworks and LW files for 3 shows, and shop order for at least one of the shows, to:


Design Internship

During NY Fashion Week we offer an internship to select advanced students who display the necessary skills.  With Fashion week happening twice a year, this gives two oppurtunities, one in August/September, one in January/February.  Here are some details:

The internship consists of two parts.  The first part is pre-season prep, which consists of drafting, shop orders, everyday dealing with logistics.  The second part is the actual show week, during which the intern would participate in focus, see many different venues, work with union and non-union stage hands, observe the tech and run of multiple shows, etc.

The internship offers money for travel but unfortunately does not offer money for housing.  We've had several people do the work for class credit.  

The internship is for students who have advanced drafting ability and a thorough knowledge of vectorworks, (they will be provided a professional license to use while with us), etc.

We have in the past, when interns have been interested, allowed them to work as an electrician during fashion week.  Any time spent working as an electrician would be paid hourly.  We've had some interns be especially interested in this.  Other interns have been more interested in maintaining the design aspect of the internship throughout the week.  We're happy to tailor the experience during the actual week to the needs and interests of the intern, or the program they are in.

Prospective students should send a resume and paperwork (Lightwrite and Vectorworks) for 3 shows (one of which must have been produced) to: